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When using a wheelchair taxi for the first time,  it may be hard to know what to expect and what you can or cannot do. This is a  helpful guide for wheelchair users who have never used a sydney wheelchair taxi before.

How many wheelchairs and passengers can a sydney wheelchair taxi carry?

Some  Sydney Wheelchair Taxi are licensed to carry 2 wheelchair passengers at a time, as  well as 5 able-bodied passengers, while others can only carry 1 wheelchair and 8  able-bodied passengers.

How do I catch a Sydney Wheelchair Taxi ?

Firstly:  a passenger can find a  taxi rank (usually out the front of major train stations and busy streets, as  well as airports) and get into the first available vehicle.

Secondly : call Sydney Wheelchair Taxi When booking, make sure to tell  the operator that the you need a taxi for disabled passenger, as you will always  get  priority over other callers.

Will I be charged an sydney wheelchair taxi booking fee if I am in a  wheelchair?

No, passengers who have booked a Sydney Wheelchair Taxi can only charge you $ 2.40  booking fee. Even if you are not travelling alone, and your  fellow passengers are able-bodied, the fact remains that a wheelchair taxi is  your only taxi option. how ever if 5 people including yourself in the taxi , you will be charged a maxi fare which is around $ 3.30 a km plus 20% between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am .

Sydney Wheelchair Taxi

Sydney Wheelchair Taxi

Can I stay seated in my wheelchair during travel?

As long as  you and your wheelchair can be appropriately secured, you are able to remain  seated during the taxi trip. This is also providing that the weight, including  that of the operator, does not exceed the weight limit of the lift. You also  have the option of moving to a seat in the taxi while your wheelchair is secured  in the back if you are transferable, but if you a scooter you will not be able to seat and travel you must move to a normal seat.

Am I required to wear a seatbelt?

Whilst travelling in a  Sydney Wheelchair Taxi , it is essential that all passengers wear seatbelts. Wheelchairs  and their occupants have a secure lap belt in place. As  well as this, there must be a way for the chair, and its passenger, to be  quickly released from the vehicle in case of an accident or emergency FROM A Sydney Wheelchair Taxi.

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