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1- What is a Maxi Taxi Sydney and why is it  hard to get?

First thing might get to your mind is what is a maxi taxi in Sydney ?

Maxi taxi Sydney is any vehicle can fit more than 5 passengers at a time and up to 11 passengers, all the other services more than 11 is not called maxi taxi  , it is called a bus service.

So why Maxi Taxi in Sydney are hard to get or find?

Sydney has between 5500 to  6000 taxis , only 600 of Sydney taxis are Maxi taxis or what’s called by Wats vehicle ( Wheelchair accessible Taxi )  and only 130 of these 600 can fit more than 7 and up to 11 passengers.

That’s why its hard for an authorised taxi network to guarantee a Maxi Taxi Sydney when you need one,  because basically the taxi driver is self employed and can not be forced to do a pick up unless he wants to .

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